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Virtual sales roles still require people, but the tools of the trade are different.

Sales enablement leaders are important in supporting sellers in today’s complex selling environment. High-performing enablement functions focus on providing targeted support that simplifies the seller experience and reduces seller burden, leading to increased conversion rates

The complexity of selling has increased significantly, while access and ability to provide value to customers have decreased markedly. Sales organizations are better at enabling customers to confidently progress through the sales process using tools and support aligned to how they buy.

Fast Iron Equip

A new era in heavy equipment sales calls for new strategies. You need better planning, new customer experiences, and virtual selling environments.

The ongoing pandemic has forced frontline sellers to adjust their selling activities for the virtual environment swiftly. Sales enablement leaders need a clear strategy to support the sales force in a virtual selling environment. They use this framework to review and align virtual selling with new buying realities, including pre-call sales planning, remote customer interactions, and virtual selling enablement.

Enablement Cloud

The enablement cloud is a turnkey solution for heavy equipment dealerships and equipment fleet owners. The vast amount of data tied to a machine serial number allows a user to view most machine information with a single click. Dealership management controls the permissions to information so it can be apportioned to customers, internal personnel, and management. In the enablement cloud, everyone has the data and insights they need to do business.

Payment Gateway Cloud

Fast Iron processes over $750,000,000 annually in total transactions for the heavy equipment industry. Heavy equipment companies require customized commerce solutions to accommodate a range of unique transactions and industry requirements, including card-present purchases, higher average invoices, and custom Level 3 data output. Simplify payments by integrating our flexible, cloud-based platform across all of your dealership’s departments.

Designed with your team in mind.

Get the technology tools to create better customer experiences, execute sales campaigns, make the right marketing investments, and give each team member a chance at success.


Equip your team to meet buyer demands for data.

Get your sales team the product information they need, at their fingertips. In a fast-moving customer journey, being smart and responsive is everything. 

  • Find sales content and maximize velocity. Eliminate the complexity associated with finding and personalizing the content required to be effective. Reduce search and administrative tasks time by over 500 hours per team member, per year.
  • Guide sellers with context and boost sales confidence. Leverage data-driven sales playbooks to help ensure that your sales team members have what’s needed to drive winning customer conversations. Improve the success rates of strategic initiatives by 50%.
  • Reinforce winning behaviors and win larger deals faster. Ensure individuals are mastering the key behaviors as directed by your sales processes. Integrate sales training and enablement to drive retention and adoption of methodologies 95% faster.
  • Increase the number of capture and view all activity on machines


Turn strategy into execution and meet goals.

The right sales enablement approach aligns sales, marketing, and customer success to increase the impact of your critical growth initiatives and reach your goals.

  • Manage and govern sales content. Provide a single knowledge base for your team, so they’re always confident that the content they’re using to engage customers is accurate, on-brand, and proven effective.
  • Guide sellers with context and increase content adoption. Modernize sales playbooks and deliver context to sales teams on why, how, and when to use content. Help sellers understand campaigns that drive growth and leverage marketing content.
  • Engage prospects and customers. Empower sellers to develop customized micro portals that personalize experiences for prospects and customers alike. Increase lead conversion.


Better return on your marketing investment.

With the right platform, you get visibility and control over all of your marketing investments, with analytics to continually optimize your content performance.

  • E-Commerce software that’s as easy to use as consumer technology like iTunes or Netflix. No long development cycles, no over-emphasized integration.
  • A multilateral platform that provides a host of services that enable the creation and functioning of e-commerce stores.
  • Professional storefront with a full-featured content management system.


Empower everyone on your team to succeed.

Enablement delivers the programs, lessons, courses, and guidance to increase the number of sellers meeting goals while reducing new team member ramp-up time.

  • Increase sales of extended warranties and customer support agreements by providing sales staff and customer visibility to programs in quoting.
  • Support your products  more effectively and build customer loyalty with greater consistency.

Sales Enablement 101: What Is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the strategic, ongoing process of equipping sales teams with the content, guidance, and training they need to engage buyers effectively. Our sales enablement analytics provide marketing and sales teams with data-driven insights to optimize their business and drive revenue.

Placing a focus on sales enablement makes sales teams more effective by:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to research a machine for sale, or purchase? How many websites do you have to log into to assemble machine history and pricing information? How long does the deal stay on the street while you spend valuable time researching information to get back to the customer. Fast Iron brings all the valuable information into one place so you can respond to a customer in seconds rather than hours.
Wherever it needs to come from. There is no single source. Data lives in multiple locations at the dealership, the enterprise and various third party service providers. Fast Iron connects data via databases, web services and multiple API’s.

Fast Iron is a hosted web application that delivers custom content to the dealer in the whatever format they require. Want to link to our site, fine. Want us to host your site, not a problem. Want consume data with web services and deliver through you site, absolutely! Fast Iron is about getting the information you need in your hands, how you access or deliver content is up to you.

Fast Iron already maintains connectivity to most required data sources. If you are dealer currently using CatFacts there no IT resource requirements to get started. Going forward, if your dealership wants to include additional data sources and functionality in Fast Iron, your IT department will be involved in identifying data location and providing Fast Iron access to integrate.
Fast Iron is designed to size automatically to run on any mobile device.
No. Only authorized dealership personnel can access it.
Yes. In addition to capabilities to create spreadsheet, pdf’s and emails, Fast Iron provides API’s that allow you to extend data into other applications. For example, the generation of sales brochure can be integrated into a CRM application as an opportunity.

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